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Published: Feb. 7, 2019 at 8:29 AM CST
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Rachel Bell loves her one hundred thirty pound Saint Bernard, Sophie. Recently, Sophie and Rachel paid a visit to RESCUED IN Moline. The resale shop is a non-profit, and donates money from sales to help local pets in need.

RESCUED founder Erin Granet says the organization is a voice for a population which does not have one. The population consists of dogs, cats, a horse, birds and even a guinea pig. Animals who sometimes face emergencies.

Sophie is one of those animals. She had an inflamed uterus and needed surgery. A costly twelve hundred dollars. The dog’s owner says the surgery would have been cost prohibitive. RESCUED stepped in and arranged for the surgery and donated money to pay for it.

Several area vets work in conjunction with the not for profit. The animal doctors are flexible with their time and provide discounts for services.

All the items in the resale shop are donated by people who are passionate about the cause. Clothing, books, jewelry and furniture are some of the items for sale. SINCE September of 2015, the non-profit has donated more than one hundred twenty thousand dollars toward the cause of helping pets.

Today, Sophie is doing just fine. Thanks to a boutique which supports animal welfare. Reminding people some of the best things in life are RESCUED.

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