Sherrard School District discusses possibility of attendance centers, which would house specific grade levels.

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SHERRARD SCHOOL DISTRICT (KWQC) -- The Sherrard School District held a public forum tonight to discuss the possibility of Attendance Centers. According to the district, Attendance Centers are schools which house students at specific grade levels.

One of the ideas is to have Pre K, kindergarten, and first graders housed at Sherrard Grade School, while second, third, and fourth graders would go to Winola Elementary.

This means a shifting of students would happen since Pre K to first graders who now go to Winola would have to be bused to Sherrard Grade School and second to fourth graders who now go to Sherrard would be bused to Winola.

Some parents said they are worried about the busing situation.

"We're trying to combine two schools that are 20 minutes apart, with several fatalities, terrible weather inclements..." said one parent.

Superintendent Boucher said there is currently a shuttle bus going to and from those schools. He also said transporting students between the schools would not add additional drivers.

"So we already have that shuttle, what we would do is instead of having one shuttle, we'd have three shuttles. And so, yes highway 67 is a very busy highway and it would add about 18 minutes to the students trip each day," said Boucher.

Another parent said the additional time could also cut into time spent learning in school.

"Like I'm not sure this would be really worth it. We're not only putting their safety at risk, but we're cutting into educational time," said one parent.

Superintendent Boucher said one of the reasons for the Attendance Centers is to create more equal class sizes as well as improve collaboration between teachers.

"We have some disparities in class sizes. For example, Sherrard Grade School would have 27 students in the first-grade class, whereas Winola Grade School would have 18 students in the class, so in order to get the class sizes more equal, we would want to give Attendance Centers some consideration," he said.

Boucher said 5th and 6th graders who go to Matherville Intermediate would not see any changes and 7th to 12th-grade students would still attend Sherrard High School.

Several parents raised other questions and some said they would even consider enrolling their kids in a different school district.

The Board will continue to discuss the proposed ideas at the next board meeting. At this point, the board has not determined an exact date yet to vote.