Silvis boys put out fire at neighbor's house

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SILVIS, Ill (KWQC)- The quick thinking of two Silvis boys may have saved a neighbor's house from going up in flames on Thursday.

14-year-old Joseph Gomez and 12-year-old Evan Webb, were on a bike ride Thursday evening in the 1500 block of 12th street, right by Gomez's home.

"I felt like something was happening," Gomez said. "I don't know, something just got to me."

The two saw a neighbor kid in the street panicking.

"We stopped our bikes and asked him what was happening," Gomez said. "He said there was a fire."

The two went inside.

"It was kind of scary," Webb said. "I was going up there and I just saw it, it looked like it was spreading to the recliner."

Webb then quickly put the flames out with a pillow, saying he made sure to hit the flames to stamp them out, rather than fan them.

"I knew if it got too big I wouldn't be able to do anything," he said. "I'd run outside and bring the kid over here and step away, but I felt like it was manageable and I didn't want it to damage their home. I felt like I could do it."

The two later found out a coffee filter caused the fire. They say the boy put a filter on the stove and it caught on fire. He then tried to take it to the bathroom to put it out but dropped it on the way. His family did not want to be mentioned in the story.

The young boy called 911 while the two were inside, but Silvis firefighters tell us the flames were out before they got there.

The two then called the boy's dad after they found his number on the kitchen counter.

"We called him on my phone," Gomez said. "We told him he needs to come home and there was a fire in his living room."

Now, four days later and a "Thank you" card from the family, the two say they didn't think much ofit.

"If I was in his shoes, I'd want somebody to do it right away," Webb said. "So I just did it."