Six Gray Stations, including TV6, honored by Service to America Awards

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(KWQC) - KWQC TV6 News is being honored Tuesday night by Service to America Awards.

KWQC TV6 News is being honored, along with five other Gray stations, by the Service to America Awards. This is for the extensive research and partnering with local law enforcement, communities and community organizations that focused on curbing juvenile crime in the area.

The National Association of Broadcasters Leadership Foundation chose six Gray Media Group stations for its coveted 2019 Service to America Awards.

The creation of the Service to America Awards stems from NABLF wanting to recognize local stations for more than their role as news and entertainment providers for their communities.

"We are so proud of the exceptional efforts of these six stations," said Gray Chairman and CEO, Hilton Howell, Jr. "They truly embrace the commitment to public service that is ingrained in each and every member of the Gray family."

Back in April of 2018, TV6 did an extensive report on the juvenile crime epidemic in the Quad Cities Area.

More than a Joyride: Inside the juvenile crime 'epidemic' in the QCA focused on the car thefts throughout the area.

TV6 is being recognized for its efforts in covering crime problems in 2018 and working with law enforcement, together putting a spotlight on organizations that are focused on curbing these habits. Organizations like Beyond the Baseline even teamed up with schools in Davenport, Iowa to have freshman go through a 3.5-hour summit to discuss violence in the area.

TV6 also focused on communities in the area that are focused on bringing good to the neighborhoods and positivity. To help focus on the good together find solutions to addressing the crime in the areas, so TV6 held the Neighborhood Spotlight TV6 went to different neighborhoods throughout the Quad Cities to focus on these communities.

KWQC TV6 News is a finalist along with sister stations WAFB-TV and WTOC-TV for their Service to Community Award for Teleivision in the medium markets.

TV6's sister station WCTV won the Service to Community Award for Television in small market. And TV6's sister stations WECT, and WJHG were finalists in the small market category for Service Community Award for Television.

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