Sneaky dogs eat mail carrier’s lunch, dog lovers adore response

(Carol Jordan)
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SMITHFIELD, Va. (KWQC) – You can add another chapter to the sometimes difficult relationship between letter carriers and dogs.

Carol Jordan recently received a note from her USPS carrier that pertained not to a package but to the carrier’s lunch – and Jordan’s two black labs.

“I drove up to deliver a package and both the dogs crawled in my truck,” the note to Jordan said before then explaining that Bear and Bull “ate an egg and some carrots and some pumpkin seeds.”

The post woman was not angry but instead concerned, writing “I don’t know if that will upset their tummies, just FYI!”

Jordan was touched the carrier “was concerned for our dogs’ health.”

The incident struck a chord with people around the world when Jordan posted the note and a photo of her dogs on Facebook.

“We have heard from people in Denmark, Australia and New Zealand that they have seen the post,” Jordan tells KWQC.

“It's lighthearted and funny. Dog owners can relate and everyone needs a laugh or a smile!”

Bear and Bull made up for their indiscretion by giving the mail carrier Subway gift cards and a note of their own.

“Sorry we ate your lunch. Thank you for sharing!”