Snow lovers get a last "hoorah" at Snow Star

ANDALUSIA, Ill. (KWQC) - Snow lovers got their last hoorah of winter at Snow Star in Andalusia, Illinois.

"We went tubing and it was a lot of fun! We tried to go together sometimes, we would link arms sometimes and it was really fast!" said Anna Doubet and Carly Smith, Snow Star customers.

Skiier Caleb Grove shared, "I love skiing out here every day... just the freedom of it! You can do whatever you want, whenever you want."

The thrill of it is quickly melting away as our temperatures warm. Leaving the trails slightly slushy.

Even TV-6's Montse Ricossa took a trip down the hill to see what the excitement was all about.

"We've got plenty of snow so customers can come out and enjoy it!" said Dan McCana, general manager of Snow Star.

He says while the season is dying down, our record-breaking winter has been good for business. "It's been a long season for us. The last 2 years we were closed on February 20 so these are all just extra days we've been open. It's been a good season."

He thinks the runs will be open for one to two more weeks, or however long people keep coming in. Which may not last long with spring-like temperatures just around the corner.

"We liked it because it was so fast and fun and we got a good breeze in and it felt good to go outside!" exclaimed Smith.

"I'm kind of sick of snow. I want to go swimming and stuff," exclaimed Kallie Carlson. 'I'm ready for the snow to be done, it's been too long!" added Ellie Doubet.