Some residents around the Rock River don't mind the flooding anymore

Some residents near the Rock River have been prepared for flooding for years, changing their ways to adjust to Mother Nature.

The Rock River near Moline is rising and is expected to crest on Sunday.

Skip Schade has lived in Moline for over 50 years, and he's used to the rock river flooding by now, "they don't bother me, (laughs) what else can I do?"

His garage may have a few inches of water, but it hasn't phased him yet. He's just had to adjust how he reacts.

"it isn't that bad. Over the years I've changed things. I now have a special place to walk to the back door without going down the sidewalk and I can do it with my Sunday shoes on!" shared Schade.

Other residents have also gotten innovative. Farther down North Shore Drive, one house put down cinder blocks as stepping stones since the water has reached a few feet away from the door.

Residents knew about flooding when moving in, but Jorge Lozoy, Moline resident, also knew the river front would be worth the few weeks of flooding.

"I still saw people could get into their homes and it didn't affect their living conditions, it was just a small inconvenience like this. But it is what it is, if you choose to live here, you have to accept the consequences of mother nature." said Lozoy.

On South Shore Drive, you can't get past a few houses before the river completely takes over the road. From many houses, you have to wear waders to avoid being waist-deep in river water.

"We're used to it, we've lived here 20 years. Just pick everything up and make sure nothing gets wet" said Moline resident Alan Zarhinger.

After all,"it's just life on the river!" exclaims Zarhinger.

The residents didn't seem to mind the flooding too much, mostly because they're informed and know how to keep themselves and their belongings safe.

The Rock River in Moline was just over 15 feet on Friday night and is expected to crest on Sunday at 16.3 feet.