Increased Threat For River Flooding This Spring

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An updated 2018 Spring flood outlook was released yesterday. The forecast calls for above normal chances of river flooding both along the Mississippi and it's tributaries.
The northern part Mississippi Rive basin is susceptible to run-off, quick snow melt and heavy rainfall which could cause flooding at any spot along the Mississippi River. Wet soils and high stream flows following February's heavy rain will keep Illinois rivers vulnerable to flooding in the upcoming months.
The long term forecast calls for equal chances of above or below normal temperatures, but calls for above normal precipitation. This will to increased potential for flooding. As it stands right now the Mississippi River at Rock Island has a 78% chance to hit minor flood stage, 71% chance of moderate flood stage and 51% chance of hitting major flood stage at some point this spring.
The NWS will be releasing more flood outlooks in the upcoming weeks.