Spring flooding washes bridge out on family's driveway

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CLINTON, Iowa (KWQC) - The spring flooding is causing the Mill Creek in Clinton, Iowa to flood, causing a headache for one family who’s driveway crosses it.

For the past few years, the bridge on the Hartnell’s driveway is washed away and they said it’s because of what happened upstream.

"A few years ago they did something upstream is what I've been told, and ever since then, it gets worse and worse. We've repaired it time and time again, but every time it floods, it just happens all over again," Amber Hartnell said.

Hartnell said she’s tried to get answers but isn't getting anywhere, but she blames what the Army Corp of Engineers did upstream.

"At one point I called and they send you to this person and the next person and eventually I got to the Army Corps of Engineers in Rock Island...and he just said that years ago they did a rock slash tile dump upstream and that there had been a lot of wooded areas removed and that's what's causing us to get so much more water down here," she said.

The flooding has left their home inaccessible by driveway, and their vehicles trapped by their house. Hartnell said it has caused a headache for the family.

"Last night when I came home, it was flooded again, so I actually had to get dropped off about a half mile down the road at our neighbor's property and come up through the back side of his cornfield and then through the wooded area to get to the house," she said.

Amber and her husband say they don't have a choice other than to wait for the flooding to stop. She said every year they piece it back together as best they can.

“I don't think it’s right. I think there should be something out there to help people. Not just me, but other people too," she said.