St. Ambrose student and Moline native stranded in Guatemala

Davenport, Iowa (KWQC) - Zach Baker, a Moline native, and Faith Boyd, a St. Ambrose senior, planned a spring break trip to Antigua, Guatemala. That dream vacation turned into a nightmare while sitting poolside on March 16th. Guatemala was closing its borders due to concerns over Covid-19. The couple rushed to the airport and quickly realized they weren’t going to be getting on a plane anytime soon. The last 3 flights out of the country were booked.

“It was pretty chaotic,” Boyd said. “ I would say there were a lot of people calling their family members. We saw some girls our age crying. What looked like groups of friends who were celebrating spring break just looking completely lost.”

Even through the chaos, the couple wanted to reiterate that, in comparison to others, they’re in a good place.

“We have a place to stay for as long as we need to and the finances to support that,” Baker said.

“I worry for those who may not have the same opportunity as us,” said Boyd.

Faith and Zack are not alone. They've connected with a Facebook group of more than 800 members full of Americans who are stranded in Guatemala. As of now, they’re a part of a group organizing a charter flight on Friday, March 27th, from there to Houston.