Sterling community honors fallen soldier

STERLING, III (KWQC) -- Remembering an American hero who went missing in action. U.S. Army Corporal John Krebs was honored Friday afternoon as he came home to be laid to rest next to his twin brother in Sterling.

Lots of support in the community from people who came out for the procession through the streets and neighborhoods. Corporal Krebs was killed in the Korean War but was listed as missing in action.

“Just heartwarming, all the work and effort everyone has put into to ensure that he can come home,” said Devetta Perkins, Corporal Krebs niece.

A hero who not only gave his life for his country but his brother U.S. Army Private First Class George Krebs. The two along with their other siblings grew up in an orphan. At 18, the brothers enlisted in the army.

“He and his brother joined the army together. They served together and they were killed the same day in battle together,” said Steve Johnson, Director, Legislative & Public Affairs for Rolling Thunder.

Krebs' remains were recently identified by the Army. He was originally buried in Hawaii. Nearly 70 years later, the family says they can now have peace.

“I was amazed that the military will continue for so many years and decades to identify a missing soldier,” said Perkins.

A solider that not many knew, but one that the community respects.

“Thank you for his service and for what he's done for our country,” said Christie Fiorini, a community member.

“The number of people from the community nobody that knew him have all turned out to welcome an American hero home,” said Johnson.

A celebration befitting for a hero.

Kreb’s family says they are just touched and really grateful for the community's support.