Street Survival training at Bettendorf High School

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BETTENDORF, Iowa (KWQC) - The Tire Rack Street Survival teen driver safety course came to Bettendorf High School this morning, teaching young adults how to handle situations with their cars they might not otherwise.

A mother is facing charges after her son was found locked in a hot car Sunday night. (Pixabay)

They used to do classes like this years ago, and just brought it back for drivers' age 15 through 21. The point of the class is to get these young drivers experience without being in a real and dangerous situation.

“We want them to get an experience doing things with their vehicles that they couldn't do out on the street, if they do them on the street it's dangerous,” said event chairman, Tim Govier. “Typically, these exercises they're trying to avoid an accident or they're reaching the limit of their tires so this does it in a safe environment.”

The drivers did swerving tests through cones, sharp turns through cones, and also tested their cars’ breaking system on gravel simulated through a pile of corn in the parking lot.