Students and staff at Mark Twain adjusting to having classes at Ross College

BETTENDORF, Iowa (KWQC) -- Two Bettendorf schools will combine into one next year. While the new school is being built, kids at Mark Twain and Thomas Jefferson are having class in a different spot.

When you drive by Kimberly Road in Bettendorf. You’ll see Ross College, but you won't be seeing college students but rather elementary kids. Enjoying recess and trying to outrun each other.

Inside of the college, fifth graders are mastering more than just decimals but adjusting to their temporary classrooms. Caroline Olson, principal at Mark Twain has been helping with the transition.

“We are constructing a new building which will be finished in late November. We will be moving in January,” she said.

As they wait for January, the learning continues. The move to the college came after Thomas Jefferson Elementary was closing and those students had to be moved to Mark Twain Elementary. To accommodate the number of students, Mark Twain is now building a new school, but by holding classes at a college, there are some challenges--like where do students eat lunch?

“This is our food service area. Our students come in this door, pick up their meals, then go out this door, and go back to the classrooms to eat,” said Olson.

“Really cool because I get to like go to the other classrooms and I get to sit with my friends. Sometimes teachers are in the room and I get to talk to the teachers,” said Hayden Fuller, a fifth-grade student.

It’s often said that change can be hard. However, it's not so bad when it feels like home.

“We are facing challenges, but when we face those challenges we are able to step in and help each other. So that all students and all staff feel that it is a very positive environment and they enjoy coming here,” said Kim Lewis, Academic interventionist at Mark Twain.

“Mark Twain is the best and everybody here is like a big family to me,” said Fuller.

Now, students from Thomas Jefferson are part of that family, too.

Due to lack of space at the college, the pre-school, kindergarten, and first graders are having classes at Thomas Jefferson Elementary until the move.