Students carry 40 gallons of water to bring awareness to lack of water in third world countries

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ELDRIDGE, Iowa (KWQC) - Students at North Scott Senior High school are taking the lessons they are learning in the classroom and applying them to the real world. Thursday morning for one hour, they carried gallons of water around the track field.

With a 40-pound water jug on their shoulder, these students are off. Lap after lap they continue.

“Oh it's kind of easy to hold it like a baby, it's easier to hold that way. We are holding up,” said a six-grade student.

The reason behind it is because of women and children in third world countries that have a lack of access to clean water.

“It's good to support the people in Africa, that have to carry this every day,” said a six-grade student.

The five-gallon water challenge is a project North Scott Sociology teacher Cherie Henningsen started three years ago to bring awareness to global issues. This year, was the first year six graders participated.

“They have to walk like three miles there and back. We only have to walk a mile and we are dead tired,” said a six-grade student.

Some students got a once in a lifetime experience.

“Then I went to Tanzania, Africa to do a real-life water walk last summer,” said Heather Hoeger, a former student.

The goal is to show the students how lucky they are.

“They are extremely fortunate and the things that they have access to and because of that how can they also provide support and help to those that are less fortunate,” said Cherie Henningsen, North Scott Sociology teacher.

That lesson seems to be paying off.

“Definitely made me appreciate life more and what we have here because I saw what they have and what they don't have. It just made me appreciate running water more,” said Hoeger

The school says the record for the number of laps they have done is 57. That’s 14 1/4 miles. They have now broken that record and did 85 laps.