Students in West Carroll school relocated after high levels of mold found in three classrooms

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SAVANNA, Ill. (KWQC) - Students in three West Carroll School District classrooms at West Carroll Primary School have been relocated after elevated levels of mold spores were found.

According to West Carroll School District Superintendent Julie Katzenberger, the high levels were found in two kindergarten rooms and one early step preschool room. The superintendent said the teachers had the option of combining classrooms with another teacher of the same grade level, or moving to a room that was not being used. Katzenberger said for those teachers who decided to combine, class sizes increased to roughly 30 students per room with two teachers.

In an emailed statement to TV6, Katzenberger said the mold was discovered at the end of September after an “excessive amount of rain and heat” created “high humidity days in the building.”

“Many molds are brought inside from the outside (For example, smuts are found on logs, grasses and weeds),” the press release said.

“Students are being encouraged to bring a change of shoes to prevent grass from being tracked into the classroom after playing outside. West Carroll will also be doing its best to keep all rooms cool, dry and vacuumed.”

All-American Cleaning and Restoration was brought in to clean the rooms on October 9th and 10th. The district said the rooms will be retested and students are expected to return to their original classrooms on Tuesday, October 15.