Supporting The Sawmill Museum

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CLINTON, Iowa (KWQC) — It’s a terrific story about a generous community and the effort to finance a local attraction. The Sawmill Museum in Clinton takes visitors on a wonderful trip back to the days when the lumber industry put that city on the map.

The museum opened in 2011. Matt Parbs in the Executive Director. He says a couple of years ago the community raised one hundred thousand dollars to purchase an animated exhibit bringing four of the city’s famous lumber barons “back to life.”

The community rallied around the museum. Private donations helped to fund an expansion and add new exhibits.

A water table is the newest exhibit. It allows children to float toy logs on a raft. It’s a simulated journey lumber would have taken on its way along the river to local sawmills in town.

A virtual raft simulator arrives at the museum this summer. Visitors can also get an up close look at how a massive blade cut wood way back when. The machine was made in the 1920’s.

There are dozens of interesting photos When logs were rolling on the river. A few log cabins also dot the museum landscape. A tourist attraction financed by a number of benefactors who are proud of city history. History about a time when lumber was king in Clinton!