Survey shows how parents are concerned over Fortnite gaming

Photo: Pixabay/Epic Games

(NBC) - A new survey shows just how parents and their teens think about the popular video game Fortnite.

Nearly a quarter of parents said they were concerned with the amount of time their children spent playing the game.

28% said they were worried about the exposure of violence in the game.

The survey also shows teens spent more time on Snapchat and Instagram compared to playing. And if your child's grades are slipping, you may want to check their bookbag. 27% reported playing during class. And boys move aside, nearly half of girls say they play.

According to the game's maker, Epic Games, more than 125-million people play Fortnite.

The survey was conducted October 8-17 and included a national sample of 19,063 adults, including 2,111 parents with kids between ages 8 and 17.

1,348 teens ages 13 to 17 also responded to the survey.