TSA is giving reminders at the Quad City International Airport Tuesday

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Moline, Ill. (KWQC) - A busy summer travel season is just around the corner and today the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is reminding passengers you can’t pack just anything in your carry on.

It can get confusing to keep straight what is and what is not allowed through TSA but they’re setting the record straight Tuesday morning. The Quad Cities International Airport will be hosting a press conference at 10:00 A.M. and they will be talking to media, taking interviews and showing prohibited items at the security checkpoint.

Here’s a reminder on the basics for items allowed and prohibited on your carry on.

Liquids, gels and aerosols packed in carry-on must follow the 3-1-1 liquids rule:
• 3.4 ounces or less per container
• 1 quart size, clear, plastic, zip top bag (all liquids must fit in bag)
• 1 bag per passenger
Most food items & medication
Razors & nail clippers
Laptop, tablets, kindles, etc. but you must pull them out of your bags to get through security.
Alcoholic beverages (less than 140 proof & less than 3.4 oz.)

Not allowed....
Pocket knife
Sporting equipment... bats, golf clubs
Gel-type candles

This will bring you to a full, searchable, list of items that are either allowed or prohibited- everything from antlers to batteries.

Just last week, the TSA confiscated 91 firearms, 81 which were loaded, across the U.S. Clearly, this reminder is always warranted.