TV6 interviews JB Pritzker, democratic candidate for Illinois Governor

(KWQC) - TV6 interviewed Democratic candidate for Illinois Governor JB Pritzker ahead of the Illinois Gubernatorial Election. Election day is November 6th.

TV6 did extend the invitation out to JB Pritzker for a sit-down interview, but that was not made possible. JB Pritzker answered our questions and the answers below were sent to us from him.

Q: Give us three points to get us out of the structural deficit? And, do any of those plans cut certain programs?

A: "Failing to reach agreement on two consecutive budgets cost the state $11 billion in additional debt, making Bruce Rauner the biggest deficit spender in Illinois history and costing the state an additional billion dollars in late fees and interest.

Balancing a budget requires three critical components: expenditures, revenues, and economic growth, which drives revenue growth.

The best way to enhance state revenue is to grow jobs and economic activity, which is an important focus of my campaign. As we seek to balance revenue and expenditures of the state’s budget, growth is an important component that is often overlooked.

I support replacing our regressive flat income tax with a fair income tax. I am also in favor of legalizing and taxing recreational use of cannabis, which will create thousands of jobs and is estimated to help generate as much as $700 million a year for the state. I also support legalizing sports betting.

We can also lower state spending by reducing recidivism and funding violence interruption programs, mental health services and substance abuse treatment, yielding higher economic productivity and lower taxpayer expenditures."

Q: What is your plan to work with lawmakers across the aisle to make decisions? What are issues you think the two parties are close on and you would be willing to compromise on?

A: "I have worked across the aisle throughout my adult life, beginning 30 years ago as a U.S. Senate staffer on transit and election reform, then as Chairman of the bipartisan Illinois Human Rights Commission, and for the last 20 years on early childhood education where I’ve worked with Republicans and Democrats at the federal, state, and local level.

As governor, I will work with the legislature and stakeholders to craft forward-looking policies that prioritize job creation, expanding healthcare coverage, and providing a quality education for every child."

Q: Where do you agree with Speaker of the House Madigan and where do you differ from him?

A: "I’ve been an independent leader my entire life, and that won’t change as governor. I’m in favor of independently drawn legislative maps and legislative leadership term limits. As I have done for decades, when I go to Springfield, I will work with both parties to do what’s best for Illinois families. "

Q: What specifically will you do to help the Illinois Quad Cities Area if you’re reelected?

A: "For over three years Bruce Rauner has divided our state, pitting communities against each other while holding critical services for seniors, children, and Veterans hostage to his special interest agenda. But the simple fact is, we’re one Illinois. And while different regions of our state have unique needs and unique challenges, I believe every Illinois family wants the same things. They want their kids to get a good education, they want the opportunity to get a better job, and they want quality, affordable healthcare. That’s why I’m running on real plans to address these issues and lift up working families in every corner of our state. By doing that, I know we can come together and move Illinois forward."