TV6 to go to full power on Friday, Jan. 17

Published: Oct. 2, 2019 at 4:09 PM CDT
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UPDATE 1/16:

Friday has FINALLY COME!

TV6 will be going to full power early Friday morning. So if you or someone you know who uses an antenna has been having issues viewing our station lately, please spread the great news!

While we expect our over-the-air antenna users to be able to see us with no issue, you may try rescanning in the event you cannot see our station. You can find more information on rescanning

You can also learn more about how to use an antenna

UPDATE 12/13:

An update for Dish Network subscribers who have had trouble seeing our TV signal clearly: we're hearing the problem has been resolved for many of you.

If you continue to have problems getting a clear picture of TV6, the problem originates with Dish.

TV6 has done everything it can in making sure we're sending a clear signal.

We will continue to try to stay in communication with Dish over its efforts to fix the problem. If you have any questions, please check in with your satellite provider.

UPDATE 12/3:

We have some important information to pass along to Dish & DirecTV Subscribers all related to the new signal we’ve been telling you about.

As we told you yesterday, we have been working with Dish & DirecTV to make sure you get the best signal possible after needing to change our signal and antenna.

At this point, TV6 has done all it can to help remedy this problem.

Unfortunately, Dish won’t be able to get to the root of the problem on their end until next week.

Meanwhile, TV6 continues to focus on trying to improve our signal to as many over-the-air viewers as possible while Dish & Direct work on serving their subscribers.

We are STILL TEMPORARILY at low power as required by the FCC while we wait for another station to move its signal.

We have received many calls and questions. Overall, you all have been patient with us. We Thank you for that as we go through what many stations across the country are and will experience over the next few months.

The good news is when we CAN return to full power, the TV6 signal will be better than ever.

UPDATE 12/2:

An update for our viewers involving the transition to a new and better signal.

We are currently working with Dish & Direct TV Satellite services investigating why they are having some difficulty getting our new signal.

So, some of you over-the-air viewers and Dish & Direct TV Subscribers may be experiencing some intermittent difficulty as we get that worked out.

This is all connected to the recent transition we made to a new signal as required by the FCC.

If you know of someone affected by this but may not know the reason, please share it with them.

Or, if YOU have questions, we are happy to answer them directly. Simply call 563-383-7000 or send us an e-mail to

All information can also be found on our news app where we have a story pinned talking about the Rescan process.

UPDATE 11/6:

TV6 is proud to say we have completed our part in the required change to a new frequency.

To learn more about why this change was required,

We have done everything within our power to meet FCC requirements while working for a better signal overall. However, some people may still have a hard time receiving our signal. That’s because we must remain on reduced power as we wait for other stations to move their signals. The FCC will not allow us to go to full-power until those other stations are able to move their own signals.

There is a back-up in this happening – a complication hundreds of stations around the country are experiencing. To learn more about those complications,

This means there are still over-the-air viewers who may not be getting us even after they rescan. This only affects viewers who get us via antenna and not through cable or satellite or OTT.

We appreciate your patience and ask that anyone who knows someone affected by this signal change relay such information to them.

Also, we welcome any questions or concerns. You can e-mail us at


TV6 viewers who get our signal over the air on an antenna will need to rescan on Wednesday, November 6 at 11 a.m. Even if you're seeing our signal, you'll need to rescan.

To rescan your tv you will first need to find the remote control to your tv and press the "menu" button. Next, you will select "setup" on the menu. Choose "antenna" and "channel scan" or "auto-tune".

Your tv will automatically rescan the available channels so all of your favorite channels will be available, including TV6 on our new frequency.

UPDATE 10/30:

TV6's rescan date will be on Wednesday, November 6 at 11 a.m.

Some viewers may still have a bit of difficulty getting our signal at full power but over time they can keep rescanning and get our station. For the most part, most viewers that watch us over an antenna will be able to receive us at full power.

UPDATE 10/24:

TV6's new antenna is now securely in place on top of our tower in Bettendorf.

After being delayed by weeks of wind, rain and fog, that lift was finally completed Thursday.

Over the next few days, crews will finish work required to get that antenna ready to broadcast on our new frequency. We'll continue to keep viewers posted on our progress and expect to announce a new re-scan date for our over-the-air viewers early next week.

UPDATE 10/20

Tomorrow's planned Re-scan Day is postponed for a few more days.

Tower crews expected to lift our new antenna into place this weekend, but weather - including today's fog - prevented that from happening.

We hope to announce a new Re-Scan Date in the next few days.

UPDATE 10/18:

TV6's re-scan has been delayed until Monday, Oct. 21.

All viewers who watch us on an antenna, we recommend you re-scan on Monday, Oct. 21 at 10 a.m. This is due to the windy weather which has delayed work on our tower in Bettendorf.

TV6 appreciates the patience and support shown by many of our over-the-air viewers who have reached out to us and the word spread by others.

UPDATE 10/14:

TV6 will be broadcasting at reduced power on Monday, Oct. 14 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. while crews work near the top of the tower.

TV6 is expecting to have the antenna mount go up on Thursday, Oct. 17, this is dependent on weather conditions.

The latest note from TV6's Chief Engineer:

The latest update "contains an update on the progress being made toward restoring KWQC’s signal to full power during this phase of the nationwide spectrum repack.

Nearly 1,000 TV stations have moved or are moving to new channels. The weather remains the biggest factor in the delay of the tower workers as they complete installation of KWQC’s new transmission system on the Bettendorf tower. KWQC’s tower work was originally scheduled to begin on May 1 of this year. Rainy and windy conditions affecting most of the US have delayed tower projects all across the country.

KWQC’s transmitter installation was completed in April but the tower work that was scheduled to start May 1 was backlogged by weather delays at other tower sites. The tower crew finally arrived on August 13 but have been idled fifteen days by rainy or windy conditions that made for unsafe conditions on the tower.

Currently KWQC is utilizing a low power transmitter to broadcast 23 thousand watts of effective radiated power from a temporary antenna located 1,000 feet up the tower. When the crew is working near the antenna KWQC must reduce that power to ensure worker RF exposure safety.

The crew has installed about 900 feet of the primary transmission line on the tower with about 250 more feet to go. The new primary antenna was delivered on Wednesday, Oct 9 and is on site ready to be lifted to the top of the tower. Several days of decent weather are needed to complete the install.

After midnight on October 18th (morning of Oct 19th) KWQC will perform a brief transmission test on channel 17. This test is just to confirm the transmitter and antenna will work well together and is not intended for viewers. If the test is successful KWQC will begin operating on channel 17 at 10AM on the morning of October 20th.

Should the primary antenna not be ready by October 20th KWQC will operate on channel 17 using the temporary antenna. Power will be increased by about a factor of 4 but will still be much reduced compared to our fully licensed power of 1 million watts. After the primary antenna is operational KWQC will still be forced to limit power to 160 thousand watts because there is another station within 100 miles that is currently operating on channel 17."

UPDATE 10/10:

Work continues to move TV6 and our digital channels to our new frequency.

Thursday and Friday are examples of when weather may play a factor in how much crews can get done in installing our antenna on our new tower. Weather conditions like rain or high winds can affect when crews go up into the tower to do work, a tower that reaches around 1300 feet in the air, so there may be some delays.

On October 20, all over-the-air viewers, meaning those who do not subscribe to a cable or satellite sevice, will need to rescan to receive our new, improved signal.

In the meantime, there are some things you can do to try and get our current signal more reliably.

- Point your antenna in a different direction. This may help find the signal even while we are on reduced-power. - Go ahead and try to rescan on a frequent basis. For safety reasons, we are temporarily operating on different degrees of reduced power, so some over-the-air viewers may see us one day and have difficulty the next. Rescanning could help.
To determine when and whether you will be able to receive KWQC's signal:
1. Approximately locate your home on the map on this page. 2. If your home is located within the red circle there should be sufficient signal level to receive the current signal. 3. If your home is located between the blue circle and red circle, rescan your TV on October 20 and confirm reception. 4. Draw a line from your home to the Bettendorf tower in the center of the map. 5. Draw a second line from your home to the ATC site (Orion) location on the map. 6. If the angle is greater than 30 degrees, or you live between the tower sites, you may need to reorient your antenna to receive KWQC. 7. If you live in the shaded area to the south, you may no longer be able to receive the KWQC signal.

Again, this may not work for all.

TV6 appreciates the patience and support shown by many of our over-the-air viewers who have reached out to us and the word spread by others.

You can also try to make our station a favorite on your set by going into menu options.

Again, we are the first station in this viewing area to undergo this transition as required by the Federal Communications Commission to make room for more internet broadband across the country.

Also a reminder, all of our newscasts are available live on our app and daily, so if you or someone you know is temporarily not able to receive our signal, please help us spread the word.

UPDATE 10/9:

TV6 is committed to providing you with daily updates about progress providing viewers in our area a better broadcast signal.

We are your first local station to make this change required by the Federal Communication System. It's part of a larger effort to make room for more internet broadband across the country.

Our equipment is now securely in place at its new home on our tower in Bettendorf. The work to do this is complicated and dangerous and crews have been dealing with varying weather conditions up to 1,300 feet in the air.

For safety reasons, we are temporarily operating at reduced power.

Work continues Wednesday, Oct. 9 to move TV6 and our digital channels Heroes and Icons, Cozi and Ion to our new frequency.

On October 20, all over-the-air viewers meaning those who do not subscribe to a cable or satellite service will need to rescan to begin receiving our new, improved signal.

While TV6 is the first local station to near completion of this move, we will not be the last.

Also, a reminder, all of our newscasts are available live on our app and daily, so if you or someone you know is temporarily not able to receive our signal, please help us spread the word.


Starting at about 12:01 a.m., Friday, October 4, KWQC-TV6 will temporarily reduce power as we work to move our signal.

This will ONLY affect viewers who receive free over-the-air through the antenna in some areas of the designated viewing area. Some of those viewers may not be able to receive the signal reliably.

It will NOT affect viewers who watch TV6 via cable, satellite or through devices and programs like ROKU, Hulu, etc.

TV6 will give updates on the progress being made over the next few weeks as we work to provide an even better signal to our designated viewing area.

This transition is all part of a mandate by the Federal Communications Commission and their spectrum auctions to make room for more wireless internet broadband services.

TV6 is one of nearly 1,000 TV stations affected by this and the first TV station in the Quad Cities area to undergo the change in frequencies.

Those wanting more information can do so by visiting