Taking the “Proton” Approach

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Seventy three year old Jim Boland of Davenport did his research.
Diagnosed with prostate cancer a few years ago,
Boland got word about the Northwestern Medicine
Chicago Proton Center.
He opted for proton therapy to treat his cancer.

The center is the only one of its kind in Illinois.
Proton therapy takes direct aim at the cancerous
tumor and then the radiation stops.
Using protons, it is less invasive than using traditional
X ray radiation which can damage health tissue which surrounds the tumor.

Boland had five proton treatments over two weeks.
The procedure is not painful. He did not hear anything or feel anything
during the proton radiation treatment.

Following the treatment, his PSA level gradually went down. A PSA test
screens for prostate cancer.
Three years after the treatments,
his PSA score is at about one point nine.
Boland is cancer free.

He encourages men to get an annual physical and
a PSA test.
Boland wants to remain active.
He loves working in his garden and helps out at his church.
The retired high school counselor
believes proton therapy gave him peace of mind.

Researchers at Northwestern Medicine Chicago Proton Center
indicate the treatment increases survival rates
and decreases the risk of complication.