Taxi’s and ride-sharing services required to have permits to provide service at QCA airport

MOLINE, III (KWQC) -- The Quad City airport now requires transportation operators like Uber and Lyft to have permits in order to do business around the airport.

Nearly 60 thousand passengers went through the airport last month. Many of them rely on taxi's or ride-sharing services to get to where they're going.

Airport officials are hoping to get them there safely by requiring transportation operators to have a permit. Ben Leischner, Executive Director of the airport says airport rules and regulations require a business relationship for commercial operators to work around the airport.

“Kind of a vetting process really, it's to make sure that transportation operators meet the minimum requirements doing business in and around the airport,” said Ben Leischner, Executive Director of Quad City International Airport.

A requirement that passengers say gives them a peace of mind.

“With the airports taking safety precautions and like the Ubers, and taxi's doing it as well. Don’t really hurt anything going above and beyond,” said Tim Stapp, a passenger.

There are currently eight permitted transportation operators that have an agreement with the airport. Officials also say this levels the playing field for providers and ensure the customer has safe and reliable transportation service.

“There's a lot of commercial operators out there that don't meet minimum criteria as an operator where they have minimal insurance which is state regulated. So we wanted as a facility operator to make sure that our passengers have the highest level of safety, said Leischner.

A level of security that officials hope keeps bringing people back to the Quad Cities.

“The airport is thriving, last December, we saw the first increase in scheduled seat capacity from the airlines in the last decade,” said Leischner.

The airport says their overall goal is to find ways to improve passenger experience and continue to bring an economic boost to the community. The airport is working on other improvements this summer. A 5-million dollar construction project will be completed on the airfield alone.