Teacher credited for saving lives after student displays gun in classroom

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ELDRIDGE, Iowa (KWQC) -- A 12-year-old student at North Scott Junior High is charged with attempted murder after police say he brought a gun to school. The attempted murder charge comes after the school went on lock down this Friday morning.

A sense of relief as parents were reunited with their children at North Scott Junior High. The school was put on lockdown when a seventh grade boy brought a loaded .22 caliber handgun to his classroom.

“Very heart dropping, the first thing that I read very scary,” said Shelby Newberry, a parent.

The superintendent says it started at the beginning of the school day when the 12 year-old brought the gun into the school. He later displayed it in a classroom, where a female teacher was able to calmly disarm him. Police say no shots were fired.

“I was just kind of thinking about this the other day. How lucky we were out here, you never know. It can happen any place,” said Dan Shima, a neighbor.

A situation that could have been much worse without the response of a teacher.

“I think the administration did a phenomenal job of being able to share that your children are safe. Things are being taken care of and your children are safe,” said Newberry.

“I would give her credit, I couldn't give her enough credit on how she handled the situation,” said Joe Stutting, North Scott School Superintendent.

While what happened in the classroom remains a mystery, we do know the reaction of the teacher saved lives.

“The decision she made and how she handled the situation made all the difference in the world,” said Stutting.

Teachers in the North School district undergo "Alice" training. It's designed to educate teachers on how to respond to an active shooter. Superintendent Joe Stutting says the actions of the teacher goes beyond that training.

“The type of the person that she is, her background will play a role in to responding to situations,” said Stutting. “I think all of that combined with the knowledge we give our staff allowed this to be a situation where no one was harmed,”.

North Scott teachers prepare for the worst and hope for the best and it paid off on Friday.

“She responded amazingly and to handle this situation and keep it from becoming a major incident,” said Stutting.

With the situation now under control, the district will begin the process of reviewing security procedures.

“We have a lot of time over the next few days, weeks and months to process policies and procedures and things like that,” said Stutting.

All while moving forward, leaning on each other as they overcome the trauma of the situation.

“Our focus right now is on our students, our staff, and our families,” said Stutting.

School will resume Tuesday. Counselors will be on staff for students if they need someone to talk to.