Teen sentenced to two years in jail for stealing car, leading police on a wrong way chase

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BETTENDORF, Iowa (KWQC)- A teen who is believed to be the first charged as an adult in what police have called a juvenile car theft epidemic has now been sentenced.

According to court documents obtained by TV-6, on April 19th, 2017, then 16-year-old Trevelyan Pugh and at least four others got into three unlocked cars in the 4700 block of Surrey Court in Bettendorf.

Three people were home at the time and court documents say a victim saw at least one person in the garage of the home after the garage door was opened from one of the cars that was broken into.

A silver Mitsubishi Endeavor was parked on the street in front of the house with the keys inside, it was the only car taken from the home.

Dash camera video obtained by TV-6 shows two stolen cars, including the silver Mitsubishi avoiding an officer putting down stop sticks on Middle Road near I-74 by driving on the wrong side of the road.

One car turns onto I-74, the Silver Mitsubishi, driven by Pugh, keeps going the wrong way down Middle Road.

Pugh then turns around through a BP gas station, across Middle Road to the Home Depot Parking lot before jumping out of the moving SUV and running away.

Pugh was sentenced to 720 days in jail as an adult in Scott County. He was also charged with six years of adult probation in Scott County.

Scott County Court Records say he was transferred to Rock Island County, but as a juvenile TV-6 has no way to access those records in Rock Island County.

He did face ten different charges of burglary, theft and eluding. Five of those charges were dismissed.

Documents obtained last year did say juvenile probation hasn't worked, he has continued to associate with negative peers, commit new crimes and fail to attend the requirements for supervised probation with the exception of community service hours. He has also been placed on probation previously in Indiana for other criminal charges. They continue to say, "The court is convinced that the juvenile system can offer no programs that the adult system can offer Trevelyan."