Temporary safety measures implemented after car hits student in crosswalk

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MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) - New safety measures have been implemented near John Deere Middle School in Moline after a student was hit by a car Friday morning. Jeff Farmer has parked along 12 Street and 21st Avenue for the past four years to pick up his daughter from school. While he knows that is a high-traffic area, he said he was stunned to hear a student had been hit.

"I was shocked, I picked my daughter up and she was still shaken," Farmer said. "I dropped her off like two minutes before it happened."

Since the incident, city leaders, police and the community have worked together to come up with a temporary solution. Rolling stop signs and a crosswalk sign were added to the intersection on Wednesday. According to city leaders, there was never a crossing guard hired to patrol this area. Until a crossing guard is hired permanently, the Moline Police Department is staffing the intersection during the morning and afternoon areas when students are crossing. Detective Michael Griffin said it's a step in the right direction.

"We’re moving forward and we’re going to get a plan," Griffin said. "That’s what this community is about, they saw a problem they came up with a solution and we’ll all work together for the solution we’ll get it done."

Moline Mayor, Stephanie Acri said the tragedy has sparked a larger conversation within the community. Acri said the goal is to work toward a permanent solution that will ensure safety and prevent another incident like this from happening for years to come.

"We’re doing some short term fixes just to prevent additional incidents," Acri said. "While we’re coming up with a long-term plan we don’t want to rush the long term plan because it may involve some construction work."

Officials said the long-term plan could also include flashing lights, additional signage and construction to that area. Meantime, parents like Farmer are glad to see temporary changes.

"[It's peace of mind] knowing your daughter or son can safely get to the car without being injured or killed."

Officials said the student that was hit is recovering and is excited to get back to school.