Ten hour wait for Universal's new 'Harry Potter' ride

(CNN) - Witches and wizards at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will have to practice their spells and their patience.

Cropped Photo: Robert Linsdell / CC BY 2.0 (MGN)

It 'siriusly' may seem 'riddikulus,' but wait times have peaked at 10 hours for the park's newest ride, Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. The attraction follows the lovable Hogwarts caretaker Hagrid on a journey through the recreated Forbidden Forest.

The ride is billed as the longest roller coaster in Florida.

Sorry, but you won't be able to 'apparate' to the front of the line. Universal's Islands of Adventure Express Pass is not accepted on the ride yet, so you may want to grab a butter beer or two before hopping in the queue.