Thanksgiving Travel Plans Change for Many due to Severe Weather

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Davenport, Iowa (KWQC) - Mother nature not coordinating well with the busy holiday season this year.
Storms covering much of the Northeast, Midwest and the West coast are moving in quickly.

Here in Iowa, sleek roads make way for messy travel conditions for the holidays.

Rest areas piling up with cars from people all around the states.
"We're coming from Cedar Falls, Iowa and we're going to Monee, Illinois"

"We're here from Cedar Rapids actually, heading back home to Florida, Melbourne Florida."

Expected snow showers in the forecast got some people on the road earlier than they thought.
"We actually got out a little bit sooner than later so, because we were trying to get ahead of it and beat the weather."

Others not allowing the weather to dictate their travels.
"It's not bad, we're glad it's not icy"
"Yeah, we're glad there's no ice for sure."

And all smiles to those who are not driving at all
" I mean I'm not driving so!"

Gas stations seeing a bit more traffic as cars fuel up for the long drives.

Hitting the road a little early to avoid backups, may not be the worst idea.