The Grinch visits Moline

Published: Nov. 10, 2018 at 2:35 PM CST
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The Grinch is in Moline. His planned visit downtown is all part of downtown's 2nd annual Holiday Hop.

The event highlights stores, and entertainment in the area with games and crafts.

Dr. Seuss may have said his heart was full of unwashed socks, but fans of all ages came to see Mr. Grinch. Some kids were apprehensive, others eyes lit up with pure joy when they saw him.

Two-year-old Silas' favorite movie is "The Grinch," and he gasped with joy and played with the Grinch's beard when he saw him.

Jer Hollister says he and his family drove from LeClaire.

"We're here to see the Grinch and show Silas he's two for his remembrance of the Grinch and everything we love about Christmas," Hollister said.

Joseph Perez of Rock Island says he and his family came for the same reason.

"It drove us down here," Perez said. "I'm sure it drove many of the people who are here down tonight."

And what the best part of meeting The Grinch?

Collin Perez from Rock Island says his favorite part was "taking a picture" with The Grinch.

Several families told TV6 that downtown Moline has a lot to offer.

"The fact that they already have their lights out in the streets already, and they're the first ones to do it early it's just a good time," Hollister said. "I love this area."

And business owners say events like Moline's 2nd Annual Holiday Hop help draw crowds to the downtown area.

Co-owner of Lagomarcino's Beth Lagomarcino was hosting the Meet The Grinch event in downtown Moline. She says the 2nd annual Holiday Hop is a success.

"We've got 40 business participating downtown," Lagomarcino said. "This is our most successful event really. I think we have more traffic downtown just generally and so it's easier to promote things and we kind of co-promote one another and it most certainly has paid off tonight."

So even though he's a mean one, that Mr. Grinch, he still helps bring in the green to downtown Moline.

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