The House On The Hill

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FULTON, Ill. (KWQC) — Their gift is a lasting legacy. Leonard and Maxine Martin gifted their elegant home on the hill to the city of Fulton about twenty years ago.

The house is home to the Fulton Historical Society. It is eleven rooms of all things Fulton. The Martins owned the home for years. In their will, they also left about a million dollars in cash assets.

Money well spent. Some of the cash went to the Riverbend Education Foundation to set up scholarships for teachers. Eastern Star also uses the money for scholarships. Other money went to a local church.

Barbara Mask is the Historical Society President. During a tour, she pointed out an ornate stove, a room dedicated to Ronald Reagan’s parents who married in Fulton, and a variety of other artifacts.
The society manages the property and is celebrating a twentieth anniversary.

Chief researcher Harvey Geerts oversees the records room. He has access to microfilm and historical information dating back to 1854.

The Lincoln Highway Room Is also quite interesting. An eleven room home gifted to the people of Fulton. A museum. A community room. A gem!