The Quad Cities may expect record-breaking flooding

DAVENPORT, Iowa. (KWQC) - One of the biggest areas of concern right now is the Rock River at Moline. The National Weather Service says the river will hit 13.7 feet by next Saturday - major flood stage is 14 feet. Our weekend rain added to flood waters already rising in some QCA communities.

The National Weather Service says it's more than likely the Mississippi River will reach major flood stage. Plus, there's a chance we could break records.

Alex Gibbs, meteorologist at NWS says they're looking at whether or not they'll break the flooding record, "right now there's about a 50% chance of seeing that but in order for us to get that we need the snow to melt a certain way, and we don't know if it's gonna melt that way."

This coming week - the conditions are just right for us to break the current record of 16 feet along the Mississippi. But the snow will have to melt fast.

"We just are not sure how it's going to melt. Because like a typical weather time, we don't know until it's a few days out and that's whats going to affect the melt. So right now the best thing we can do is have a quieter spring and a slower snow melt; that'd be the best thing right now."

We've already seen flooding in communities like Prophetstown. Now, those same people and more are bracing for what's being predicted.

It's likely we'll begin to see more flooded roads as the season continues.
Remember the saying, "turn around, don't drown." In fact, the meteorologist told TV-6 the majority of flood-related fatalities occur when people attempt to drive through.

River levels are changing often because of the melting snow and our rain. We'll know how much the river will rise closer to April once most of the snow has melted.