The insurance coverage you need in the case of a stolen car

Published: Nov. 9, 2018 at 6:28 PM CST
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Davenport police found a stolen vehicle with four juveniles inside yesterday. The juveniles led police on a chase through Davenport. But were eventually caught. The two squad cars and the stolen vehicle were all damaged in the process.

TV6 has spoken to several people in the quad cities who have witnessed the rise in car thefts, and insurance agencies see it too. Agents like Lori Rutten help victims deal with the aftermath of a theft.

"its a very stressful time for them..." says Rutten. "Sometimes things don't move as quickly as they would like because there are steps that need to be taken."

She says her agency has seen up to 20 cases this year. In previous years she used to see only two clients with stolen vehicles. Now she's got stories to share

"the majority had left the keys in the car...I've had a few where one went into the garage and got the clients keys that way...I've had one that was in an alley and they just came up with, I don't know if it was a knife or what.."

Rutten says most of her affected clients had appropriate coverage for car theft. That can vary depending on the type of coverage provided by each agency.

"Lots of times when the cars are recovered they have been damaged," says Rutten. "If you have comprehensive coverage the company will pay to have it detailed and cleaned. Hopefully get it close to the way it was before it was stolen."

Other coverage options may not be enough. She says plans that are "liability only" cover just the damages made to another vehicle. If a car is stolen, this type of insurance plan will provide limited coverage.

Rutten is an agent with Allstate. She advices drivers to make a call to their agents to make sure you have are covered in case of a car theft. The insurance process after that may take up to 3 to four weeks.

"Contact your insurance company as soon as you can," says Rutten, "Of course, call the police immediately and they'll give you a case number. As long as you have that case number you can give that to your insurance agent and the company can order a report for you."

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