"The rain and flooding is affecting every farmer in the Midwest" says a Geneseo farmer

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GENESEO, Illinois (KWQC) - As the rain continues to fall,
all farmer can do is hope and wait.
"The rain and the flooding we've seen is affecting every farmer here in the Midwest," says Geneseo farmer Justin Weber.
His family farms soybeans, corn, and some hay. Normally by this point in the year, he would have taken his giant tractor out to plant crops for ten days
But "this year I've only used it two days that were dry enough. I planted a couple of sand fields that we have, right now everything else is wet.," says Weber.
And it doesn't matter how close or far the farms are from the river
"Pretty much everything has been affected. normally we have to deal with flooding along our Rock River farms, but this year because we've had so much rain in April and May. We've had 8 inches in the last couple weeks alone, that every farm has been affected," says Weber.
And it's been weeks since the fields that are at least 6 miles away from the river have been dry.
The ground is sticky and muddy which means it cant withstand the heavy machinery and it's not dry enough to germinate seeds. Weber says it will take weeks more to dry out and that only if there isn't any additional rain
"We have had to be very patient and just wait for conditions to improve, if things are delayed very much longer we may plant shorter season variety of corn and soybeans just so that our harvest is not affected and delayed," says Weber.
And a shorter season could impact yield, but there's still hope. "The delayed planting might affect the yield. it's too early to tell a lot of it will depend on how the rest of the year goes. if we have good weather the remainder of the year things could still yield well but it will be a wait and see the situation," says Weber.
Justin says what the farmers needs is warmer temperatures and about a week of dry weather for the farms to dry out before they can bring the equipment on them.