Thousands of Iowa students head back to the classroom

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QUAD CITIES (KWQC) - Wednesday, August 23 students throughout the QCA in Iowa will end their summer and head to school.

This includes DeWitt, Pleasant Valley, Clinton, Muscatine, Burlington and Bettendorf school districts.

Bettendorf Community School District Superintendent Michael Raso told TV-6 they have been reminding parents of changes happening within the district.

This includes adjustments to the school calendar. This year the district will be letting students out early each Wednesday. In previous years, students have been released early just two Wednesday a month. This year they are giving teachers time to work on a program focused on student achievement.

"Now having every Wednesday off or early release, I think it will be more consistent for parents knowing that, you know, every Wednesday at a certain time their child will be getting off of school," said Supt. Raso. "Students and teachers will adjust, especially with the change in their schedule. Take a little bit of an adjustment, but they'll get to that."

Schools will be released about 50 minutes early on Wednesdays. They will be let out in a stagger, starting with preschool students and ending with elementary schools.

Middle school students will have an additional change, adjusting to block scheduling.

Supt. Rosa said the change in schedule is to help with their project based learning.

On top of the schedule and calendar changes, the Superintendent also said the district has been working to remind parents about safety and requirements ahead of school. This includes nurses making sure students are receiving the proper vaccines.

"They have been working to contact any student's parents about that for the last two weeks to get that in order before they're allowed into school," said Supt. Raso.

For vaccine requirements in Iowa, head to the Iowa Department of Public Health Website.

For Illinois, Illinois Department of Public Health Website.

There are some exemptions for vaccines in both Illinois and Iowa, you can find exemption forms/letters on the websites above.