Thursday rainfall drops dirt on Quad Cities

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – If your car seems dirtier than normal, blame it on the rain.

A powerful Midwest system bringing showers to the Quad Cities on Thursday contains dirt sucked up from the Great Plains and Southern Rockies.

The dust from out west “was lofted into higher altitudes amidst the entire system,” said KWQC Chief Meteorologist Erik Maitland.

The National Weather Service Quad Cities (NWSQC) reports dust debris from as far away as New Mexico – 1,000 miles away – has been detected falling from the sky into the Quad Cities Area and elsewhere across the Midwest.

Motorists in Davenport and Moline, Illinois reported dirt suddenly appearing on their vehicles, sometimes mixing with the rainfall to cause a muddy mixture on their windshields.

The NWSQC says dirty rain is “a rare occurrence” and testifies to the strength of the storm system.

"Not only is the Quad City Area seeing dust coming down with our rain showers, but there have even been reports of a brown layer of dust and dirt on top of the snow falling in portions of Minnesota,” Maitland said.