Tourism to Quad Cities Contributing to Robust Economic Growth in Illinois

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — The Illinois Office of Tourism announced both international and domestic travel expenditures reached $39.5 billion in 2017 which is a $1.1 billion boost to the state’s economy since 2016.

Visitors to the state hit an all-time high in 2017 with an additional 1.6 million travelers from 2016 contributing to an increase in visitor spending, tax revenue and local jobs.

The Illinois Quad Cities played a role in the state’s added economic domestic growth, with $223 million in travel expenditures, a 2.7% increase, and $4.3 million in local tax revenue, a 3% increase. More than 6,000 jobs were created across the state as a result of visitor spending, with 1,740 of them in Rock Island County.

Fast Facts about Illinois Tourism in 2017:
• Every $1 invested in Illinois tourism generates $9 in economic impact for the state
• Illinois welcomed 111 million domestic visitors
• Of Illinois’ 111 million domestic visitors, 17% were for business and 83% for leisure
• In the past 10 years, domestic travel to Illinois has increased by 23 million visitors
• The visitor expenditures generated by domestic visitors supported 308,490 jobs in 2017 which is an increase of 6,040 jobs since 2016
• Domestic travelers spent $36.3 billion in Illinois during 2017, a 3.3 percent increase from 2016

Iowa numbers will be released later in 2018.