Traveling Boutique

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LECLAIRE, Iowa (KWQC) — Haley Bunting is a go getter. The twenty eight year old woman is a first time business owner. Recently, she opened a holiday “pop up shop in” LeClaire.

Bunting is sub leasing part of the building for about three months. The Davenport Central grad has always enjoyed gift shops and markets which sell hand- made items.

She named her business Thirteen West. She was born on the thirteenth and at one time lived out west in Colorado. Earlier this year, Bunting rolled out a traveling boutique. It’s a bus she bought and uses to take her business on the road. She showcases it in Davenport and other area communities.

She received a small business loan from the City of Davenport to renovate the bus. She also took out a personal loan to buy it. It has two doors. customers can come in and go out.

Many of the unique items she sells are from local crafters and from other gifted artists across the country. Family and friends have helped her to
get the business started.

Haley believes any prospective business owner needs to find people who would be good mentors and offer sound advice. Most of all, believe in yourself. Follow your dreams.

The bus will be back on the road in May. Don’t be surprised if you see Haley and her bus boutique at a festival near you. It is her traveling gift shop.