Trial starts Monday for juvenile murder attempt at North Scott Junior High

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Davenport, IOWA (KWQC) - A junior high student is facing trial today for attempted murder. On August 31st, 2018, North Scott Junior High was put on lockdown after school administrators learned one of their students had brought a gun to school.

According to court documents, a 12-year-old student pointed the 22-caliber handgun in his teacher's face and tried to pull the trigger. Fortunately, the safety was on so the gun didn’t go off but it was fully loaded with one round in the chamber. TV6 is not releasing the boy’s name at this time.

The trial for this case is set for Monday, July 8th and they will be selecting the jury.

That juvenile is being treated in adult court as a youthful offender on three charges- one for attempted murder, one for carrying weapons on school grounds and one charge of assault while displaying a dangerous weapon. If convicted, he’ll be in juvenile detention until he turns 18. At that point, his case would be reevaluated.

The boy was last in court back in April. You can see that coverage - here.