Truck stolen from disabled veteran in Milan

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MILAN, Ill. (KWQC) - Blaine Robinson suffered a brain injury in a motorcycle accident when he was stationed in Fort Riley, Kansas.

"He's still progressing, he's still getting better," says his father William Robinson.

Blaine attends weekly therapy sessions and workouts everywhere from Peoria to Iowa City to improve his mobility.

"He's 100 percent cognitive," William Robinson explains. "He's just trapped right now. He can't walk or talk, but he's working on it."

To make transportation easier, the family had a special seat installed into a truck and wheelchair equipment kept in the vehicle at all times.

Now the family and Milan police say the truck was stolen out of their closed garage.

"He's been through so much already and then to have this taken from him too, it's just really hard to take," says his mother Cynthia Robinson.

The family admits the car was unlocked with the keys inside it in the garage.

"They got the garage opener out of the car sitting outside," William Robinson says of those who took the truck. "What we want to convey to everyone else is make sure your car is locked."

The Robinsons say the seat and the equipment inside the truck is worth more than ten thousand dollars and they wish more than anything the truck turns up somewhere with the equipment still intact.

William Robinson says he wants others to understand how stealing a car can affect an entire family.

"The biggest thing is when someone does something like this, obviously they don't care or realize the ramifications of what they're doing," he explains.

"He signed a blank check with his life to protect his country," says Blaine's father proudly. "Something like this is pretty despicable."

Milan police say they are starting to see more and more vehicle thefts and break-ins in the area.