Rock Island mother expresses concerns after daughter is hit in a crosswalk

Published: Aug. 13, 2019 at 6:27 PM CDT
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A Rock Island mother is expressing concerns about the safety of a crosswalk near 17th St. and 25th Ave. in Rock Island after her 14-year-old daughter was hit while crossing it.

“It happened so fast,” Madison Greenwood said, recounting being hit. “I just remember being on the concrete and being like 'whoa, what just happened?"

The Rock Island High School freshman was running home before school after forgetting her ID badge. She said she walked in front of a car stopped in the crosswalk before reentering it. She says that was when she was hit.

Madison's mother, Melissa Greenwood, got the call just minutes after the accident.

“You're not there,” Melissa Greenwood said. “You're panicked because here you are wanting to be with your kid, but you're half way across the Quad Cities."

The longtime Rock Island mother said the crosswalk is dangerous. She's watched Rocky students cross it for two years.

"This traffic is horrible,” Melissa said. “I just never imagined that it would be my kid."

The road is traveled by hundreds of cars each day. The Greenwoods know the traffic is not going anywhere, but they want something done. While in the area, TV6 noticed the sign warning drivers of the crosswalk was blocked by a tree, and the paint marking the crosswalk was hard to see.

TV6 did reach out to the city, the school district and the Rock Island Police Department. We have not heard back from any of them.

The driver of the car that hit Madison was not ticketed.

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