Two local breweries name new beer “Levee Breach Rye-It” after the Flood of ‘19

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Quad Cities (KWQC)- Two local breweries collaborated on a new beer and named it after the Flood of ‘19.

Radicle Effect Brewerks and Great River Brewery collaborated on a new beer and named it after the Flood of ‘19. (KWQC)

When the levee broke in downtown Davenport, Rich Nunez, the owner of Radicle Effect Brewerks in Rock Island, reached out to his friend Scott Lehnert, owner of Great River Brewery in Davenport.

Together they created the “Levee Breach Rye-It,” which supports businesses that were damaged by the flood.

“It’s a brown rye IPA. We put a lot of rye into it and we hopped it up,” said Nunez. “And the reason why we made it brown was to kind of represent how muddy the Mississippi is and that levee breach. And how that affected the businesses down there. It’s kind of murky looking.”

Whenever a customer buys it, money will be donated to local businesses affected by the flood.

One of those local businesses is Great River Brewery, which is still closed months after the flood.

“We really took a big hit with the surge of the water,” said Lehnert. “We had some structural damage to one of our walls on the east side. The majority of our equipment we use for the process of making and conditioning beer --- all of those were wiped out.”

The community has raised money for Great River to rebuild its business.

However, Great River has held off on rebuilding it because they were waiting on flood insurance, as well as getting city and construction approval.

“We don’t want to make a mistake doing this,” said Lehnert. “It cost a lot of money to rebuild. It cost a lot of money to replace all of this equipment. And we want to make sure we do it right.”

The brewery says the donations are all sitting in a bank account waiting for them to start construction.

Great River hopes to open by fall of this year just in time for Oktoberfest.

“We are also going to be open for Bix on Saturday on our whole patio area,” said Lehnert. “We will have a BIX party as well as for Alternating Currents, which is coming up in August. We’re pretty happy about that.”

Radicle Effect just recently released the Levee Breach Rye-It on Thursday.
You can only get the Levee Breach Rye-It at Radicle Effect until the current batch runs out.

If demand calls for it, the brewery will make more.