Two runners aiming to run a 200 mile Hennepin Hundred race

Published: Oct. 1, 2017 at 10:22 PM CDT
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100 miles is only halfway for Lauren Wills and Stormy Kies.

These two ultra runners are planning to run the Hennepin Hundred, reach the finish line in Colona, and turn around to run back to the start line in Sterling.

"Being out there running, it's my therapy," says Kies.

Kies completed the 200 mile trek last year; the 100 mile race for himself and the second hundred for his daughter Faith who passed away in January of 2016.

"Anybody who's lost a child knows what I mean," Kies says. "It's not something that goes away. It's a forever pain."

Watching Kies run the second hundred inspired Wills to attempt her own 200 mile race.

"Just watching what the human spirit is capable of was super inspiring," she says.

The two connected and began to plan their race together.

For Kies, he wanted to run the 200 miles again but for a purpose.

"I kept saying if I'm going to do this again, we're going to have to raise money for something."

The funds they raise via a Go Fund me account will be split to two causes.

The first is for Trails of Illinois which helps maintain running paths and parks like the Hennepin Trail.

The second cause is for Defeat the Stigma, a mental health awareness organization.

Kies selected this charity because of his daughter's struggles.

"That's part of my healing is knowing that I can try and help somebody else," he says.

The two plan to finish the race on Monday evening, aiming for just around 60 hours of running.

Below is a link to the Go Fund me page: