Tyler Smith's parents search for answers in Galesburg after sons death

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Galesburg, IL (KWQC) - Tyler Smith's parents say the circumstances surrounding their son's death are still unclear. The 23-year-old was found dead in Galesburg in September and his parents say according to a preliminary autopsy report he drowned in three inches of water. KWQC has not yet seen a copy of the autopsy report.
Tyler was born on September 13th, just one day after his mother's birthday. Sandra Halsne has not left her son's room since she learned he was dead on September 15th, 2018.
"I saw pictures of my son from that night. He had injuries to me and he looked like he had been in a fight. I was told by police that they believed that his injuries were from possible decomp due to possibly being out there dead for several hours. I have to disagree as that autopsy reports states that there are no signs of external decomp," she told members of the Galesburg Community Relations Commission (CRC) during a meeting at City Hall.
Tyler's father Keith Smith says they just want a fair investigation. "We just want answers. we just want a timeline we're not trying to point fingers, we just want answers. He deserves more. everybody, anybody deserves more. it's just a little effort," he told CRC members.
Some members of the City of Galesburg CRC expressed their sympathy to the Sandra and Keith. And that, unfortunately, this was out of their jurisdiction so they were referring Tyler's parents to the state.
Bradley Nolden is the city attorney. He says "the city appreciates Tyler's parents coming in to speak to the CRC. As they outlined they don't have jurisdiction in this type of case, they're limited in what type of cases they can investigate. However at the same time we have received a formal complaint from Tyler's parents. And at that time the city manager initiated an investigation and that will be a join police and city administration investigation. That investigation is ongoing but when it is completed the allegations, we will release the results of that to the city council as well as to the media. Next week we'll be meeting with Tyler's parents to learn more about their experience and their allegations and we're hopeful to move on from that point."
Tyler's parents say they're not giving up and they want answers. If you saw Tyler on September 14th or 15th or know anything. Please contact Crime Stoppers at 309-762-9500 or send a message via the crime stoppers app.