Tyson Foods investigating after four workers injured in Iowa

PERRY, Iowa (CNN) - Tyson Foods is investigating an incident after four of its workers were left injured in Iowa.

The company says it happened at its pork processing plant in Perry Monday morning. Two employees were severely burned and had to be transported by air to an Iowa City hospital.

The other two workers did not have to be hospitalized.

One deputy described the scene after the incident.

"The scene was pretty chaotic and the staff did a great job," Lt. Adam Infante with the Dallas Co. Sheriff's Office said. "They have a nursing department on scene that immediately helped those two victims, the severely burned victims. Dallas County EMS responded as well and they did a great job transporting them to a helicopter. There was no fire that I know of, the Fire Department did not respond, we think it was a steam injury."

The company says the incident happened at the byproduct rendering area in the plant.