U.S. House District 2: Loebsack vs. Peters, Clark, Strauss

(KWQC) - Candidate responses are posted exactly as we received them and have not been edited.

Dave Loebsack (Incumbent):
Political Party: Democrat
Hometown: Sioux City, IA
Currenty City: Iowa City

Christopher Peters
Politcal Party: Republican
Hometown: Lawrence, KS
Current City: Coarlville, IA

Daniel Clark:
Political Party: No Party
Hometown: Mount Pleasant
Currenty City: Mount Pleasant

Mark Strauss:
Political Party: Libertarian
Hometown: Kansas city
Currenty City: Bettendorf

Previous work experience:
Loebsack: Teacher at Cornell College in Mt. Vernon
Peters: Army General Surgeon 1989-1998.
Civilian Thoracic and Vascular Surgeon 1998- Present.
Clark: I was a Bernie Sanders National Delegate in 2016 and then became a district coordinator for the Jill Stein campaign.
Strauss: 42 years in the Lighting industry.
10 years manufacturing, 5 years wholesale, 27 years representative.

Family/family background:
Loebsack: I've been married to my wife for 24 years. She retired from teaching after 35 years. We're parents to 4 kids and have 3 grandkids. I was born in Sioux City and was raised in poverty by my single mom and my grandmother. In the 4th grade my mom couldn't take care of my siblings and me, so we moved to my grandma's. Shortly after that I decided, I was going to make something of myself. It took hard work, pulling myself up, but I couldn't have done it without the community supports I received.
Peters: I've been married to my wife, Julie, for 24 years. Julie grew up on a farm in northern Iowa, and we met in Hawaii when I was a chief general surgery resident and she was a traveling nurse. We have three sons, Cole, Jake, and Caleb, and as of two months ago, one grandson, Liam.
Clark:When I was two my parents split up and my mom raised my brother and I on her own while working two jobs. When I was four she met her future, now ex, husband. Both are Veterans as is my brother who is currently employed in Cedar Rapids.
Strauss: grew up in Family of 8, Cared for my Mother during her battle with Alzheimer's, currently care for my older Brother who lives with mental and physical challenges

What was your very first job?
Loebsack: My first job was at age 16, where I worked a 40 hour per week job at the sewage treatment plant in Sioux City as part of a federal program for disadvantaged youth.
Peters My very first job as a teenager was painting apartments during the summer break. My first real job as an adult was as an Army Medical Corps officer.
Clark: My very first job was at the Redemption Center here in Mount Pleasant sorting cans.
Strauss: Lighting Factory, $2.15 per hour KC.KS.

What life achievements are you most proud of?
Loebsack: With good fortune and my own hard work, I escaped a life of poverty. After graduating from high school, I attended Iowa State University, earned a PhD, taught for 24 years, and upset a 30-year incumbent the first time I ran for Congress. One of the bills I am proud of getting signed into law is the SECTORS Act. This bill brings together employers, community colleges and others to develop plans on how to train and educate local workers for the jobs that are available.
Peters: I'm most proud, and humbled, by being a physician for nearly 30 years and for being blessed with my wife, sons, and grandson.
Clark: I would definitely say becoming a National Delegate for Bernie and within two years running for a Federal office and getting on the ballot are some achievements I am most proud of.
Strauss: Developed the first LED based Emergency lighting system in the world in 2005-2006, currently there is more of this system in Iowa Schools than 75% of the rest of the country combined. Achieved LC status 2017, 1 of only 7 certified Lighting engineers in Iowa, only 3000 world wide

What would be the first thing you do once elected?
Loebsack: Growing up in poverty, I know what it's like to make the tough decisions many hardworking families face. That's why my #1 priority is working to create jobs and grow Iowa's economy. We must make sure the middle class is thriving and those who work hard and play by the rules can earn a decent living to move into the middle class. I've worked to close the skills gap between the jobs available and the skills needed to perform the jobs. Folks need to be able to compete in our 21st Century economy.
Peters: Elect a new House Speaker who will promise to return the House to normal order. I'll also begin organizing other freshman Representatives to shake up the establishment, and start planning for my first public town hall back in the district.
Clark: Start prioritizing the needs of the working class citizens of this country by raising wages and shifting the social ans economic priority of Congress away from profits and towards the benefit of all people.
Strauss: Depends, if it's 217 D's, 217 R's and ME Libertarian? run for Speaker, change the rules in the house and prepare to pass more legislation in history!!! Otherwise start looking to put together staff and start preparing my first bills

Why should voters choose you in this election?
Loebsack: I want to improve the lives of hardworking Iowans. I work to grow the economy and create jobs in Iowa, so folks can make a good living. As a parent of two Marine children, I am committed to ensuring those who return home after serving our nation are treated with the dignity and honor with which they served. I'm proud to be your Representative and work hard to ensure a bright future for all Iowans. I hope to continue to serve as your voice in Washington and I humbly ask for your vote.
Peters: Our politics is a mess, and we need to fix it. My opponent is the status quo, and I think we must try something different. I will look for real solutions, not simply support party talking points. I pledge to serve with honor, and to bring greater transparency and accountability to our politics. I will only support legislation which is Constitutional, is good for our country, and benefits my constituents. I will also keep my focus on future generations, not the next election.
Clark: The working class is ready for someone who will put their needs over special interests or partisan lines. I belong to no party and my donations all come from the working class people, which is where my loyalty stays.
Strauss: I will have no party bosses telling me how to vote. I will not spend 1 minute dialing for dollars daily like current republicans and democrats do currently in Washington. I'll get elected without any campaign contributions, and will not chase money once in office either.