Union workers to hold rally midst Arconic contract negotiations

RIVERDALE, Iowa (KWQC) - UPDATE 5/15/19: Arconic's Communications and Public Affairs Manager has responded to the contract negotiations that are underway.

In a statement, John C. Riches said, "We are negotiating in good faith with the USW, working collaboratively to find mutually beneficial ways to improve our business' competitiveness and maintain a sustainable future."

Employees say they are concerned over proposed reductions to their benefits, including their pensions and health care coverage. There does not appear to be any intent from employees to strike.

The last time negotiations failed was in 1986.

ORIGINAL: Union employees at Arconic will hold a rally Wednesday evening before contract negotiation deadline.

The current collective bargaining agreement ends at 11:59 on May 15th. According to a press release, USW Local 105 will hold an informational rally "to make the public aware of [our] issues with the company." USW Local 105 says the rally will be a "peaceful demonstration."

National contract negotiation talks began in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on April 29th.