Upper Mississippi named 3rd Most Endangered River in America

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(American Rivers) - The Mississippi River is on the list for the American River’s Most Endangered Rivers for 2019 and they are saying this is a call to action.
The Mississippi is third on this list to the Gila River, in New Mexico facing drought and the Hudson River, in New York looking at storm surge and sea level rise. Our biggest threat is, of course, flooding.

The Mississippi has been the lifeblood of many cultures through history inspiring a rich American heritage, but it also plays a big role in our global ecosystem. This supports commercial and recreational fishing which contributes nearly $25-billion to our region’s economy and hundreds of thousands of jobs. Right now, it’s' facing a huge impact.

American Rivers reports that the Upper Mississippi is important to our nation's economy and has an impact on our global ecosystem but right now it's threatened because of illegal raises to the levee system that cut the river off from more 170-thousand acres of floodplain. They say state and federal agencies must enforce laws the prohibit raising of levees and prioritize use of natural and nature-based flood protection solutions.

Full article can be seen - here.