Vibrant fall colors unlikely in QCA this year

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QUAD CITIES, IA & Ill. (KWQC) If you had high hopes for seeing beautiful fall colors in the Quad Cities this year, your chances aren't looking very good.

The most vibrant fall colors are achieved by sunshine, cool nights and rainy weather in the growing season. Though sunshine and chilly nights have been present in recent weeks, what we haven't seen is an abundance of rain.

Weather records show the following rain amounts for the QCA over the course of the summer:

June 2017: 4.15" (-0.34" below normal)
July 2017: 6.94" (+2.65" above normal)
August 2017: 0.68" (-3.84" below normal)
September 2017: 2.39" (-0.70" below normal)

Though we had an excess of rain in the month of July, most of the summer has been very dry. This allowed for an increase in drought conditions into the late summer months. Drought works to limit the peak color of the trees, and instead will turn leaves brown early in the season. Abnormally dry weather also weakens the connection of the leaf to the actual tree. This means that they easily fall from the branches on breezy days. If you look around, you'll likely notice more browns than beautiful colors. You might also find yourself doing some early raking!