Visible satellite reveals path of solar eclipse

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QUAD CITIES, IA & Ill. (KWQC) Many individuals in the United States stopped what they were doing Monday to witness the Great American Solar Eclipse, a historic celestial event.

While most of us turned our heads to the sky above, did you know that the eclipse was also visible from space? Visible satellite imagery revealed the moons shadow as it crossed the United States on Monday afternoon.

The visible satellite essentially takes photos of the earth from space. The sunshine illuminates the clouds below and allows them to become "visible" to the human eye (hence the name visible satellite). This data is only available for Meteorologists to use during daylight hours. No sunshine means clouds, so viewing this satellite data past sunset would only reveal a black, cloudless map.

As the moon passed in front of the sun yesterday, it cast a shadow on earth which caused the clouds on the visible satellite to disappear for a short time.