Video shows U-Haul hydroplane into Okla. firefighters responding to a wreck

(CNN) - The Oklahoma Highway Patrol recently released dramatic video of an accident showing a U-Haul slam into two firefighters working a wreck.

Whoa! Two firefighters survived a scary crash while they assisted with a crash. (Source: Oklahoma Highway Patrol/CNN)

Keep an eye on the two men in the center of your screen.

The SUV towing a U-Haul lost control and starts hydroplaning on a wet road.

Then it spins around and slams into the first responders.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol posted the video as a reminder to drivers to slow down when it’s raining.

Even though the situation looks really bad for the firefighters, they're both OK.

Amazingly, they didn't even break any bones.

It’s unclear exactly when this accident happened, but the post said the incident happened several weeks ago.

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