"We thought about what our last words would be." North Scott student opens up

(KWQC) - It's an experience Anna Hodge, 13, never thought she'd go through.

The morning of August 31st, 2018 started as a normal Friday. Anna was excited about the football game that night, excited to see her friends.

That all changed.

Her seat was in the back of the classroom, next to the door Luke Andrews, 13, entered, slammed his belongings down, pulled out a .22 caliber Smith and Wesson handgun, and told his classmates to get down.

She froze.

The next two minutes changed her life forever.

"It went by so quick," Anna says, recalling that moment on the front lawn of the TV6 Studio.

Courageously, she explains her emotions.

"Very, very scary. I hope nobody ever, ever has to go through anything like that."

She calls Dawn Spring, the teacher who deescalated the situation and got Andrews into the hallway, her hero.

So does her father, Matthew Hodge.

He says the community is still working to move forward, just like his daughter. After the trial ended, Hodge says he and his family are frustrated. "For him not to be found guilty of attempted murder, is unfathomable to us parents. how that could not happen."

Luke Andrews was found guilty of assault with a dangerous weapon, carrying weapons on school grounds, and assault with intent to cause serious injury. He was originally charged with the first two and attempted murder.

Anna's mad about it as well.

"That makes me feel so angry and sad and frustrated. I feel that's unjust...The way you could just see it in his eyes in that classroom, that he wasn't okay. He wanted something to happen and it was bad."

Despite the anger, Anna's parents want her to know she is supported. "There's no script to this," Hodge says, "You can't see your daughter as a victim of assault or violence. You have to treat her as your daughter."

Anna has sought counseling following the incident. She says she intends to continue to do so. "Because of that counseling help that I received at the school, the counselors at the school have really helped us feel safe. Because of what happened, to help us and reassure us that North Scott Junior High is a safe school and they intend to keep it that way."

It's that reason, Anna says she is ready for this upcoming school year. "I'm really looking forward to a new beginning for this school. I really, unfortunately, felt like it was holding on the trauma and that's okay. I couldn't have stopped myself from feeling that way, but this school year, it's going to be better."